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Herd Health

Herd Health

Large Animal Care

Buffalo Animal Hospital’s staff is experienced with both equine and farm animal care and is committed to providing our clients the best in health services for their animals. Our large-animal veterinary services include:

Haul-In Facilities – Our facilities feature a cattle-friendly set-up, which enables us to provide specialized care.

Electroejaculation Equipment – We understand the importance of breeding soundness and provide premiere equipment for thorough bull testing.

Ultrasonography – This tool enables us to accurately and quickly diagnose pregnancy, fetal aging and fetal sex for better reproductive management.

Obstetrical Care – We can assist with labor and delivery and feature a specialized chute for your calving cows in need.

Consulting – Our veterinarians are available to assist you with overall heard health and nutritional services. This includes liver biopsy capabilities for mineral surveillance and tailored herd health vaccination, deworming and growth plans.

Equine Care – Buffalo Animal Hospital provides dedicated care for your equine companion, with specialized pens and services that include fluid care, ultrasonography, preventative medicine, and wound care.

Continuing Education – We understand that having the latest information on care and husbandry is important to anyone with livestock. We work hard to make that information available to you with regular newsletters and educational blog content.

Mobile Visits – We come to you! Our vets and staff are prepared to offer services on site at your location with our fully-equipped mobile unit for herd and individual animal care.

Pharmacy – We offer a fully-stocked pharmacy with medications and products we recommend for your livestock and horses.

Emergency Services – Buffalo Animal Hospital is prepared to care for your stock with on-call emergency services at the hospital or through our mobile unit. Our experienced staff is committed to providing the customized care your animal needs in an urgent situation.